About Us

Team Cares DJ is a passion project turned full fledged business. It all started with the desire to create and be a part of the most cherished moments in people's lives.

As we continue to grow, evolve and see the industry change, there is one theme that binds them together. Love. It's the driving force behind us. The love shared between the couples, their family and friends is unique at each event, the only common factor is that we have the privilige of hosting them.

At Team Cares DJ you will find state of the art sound equipment, industry leading, American made, bright LED UpLighting and a fantastic Photo Booth to round out your night. The part we take most pride in are the DJs that view         Weddings the exact way we do.

We are a full-time, full-service, DJ company, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

5 Star DJs
Industry Leading UpLighting

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